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Areas of Practice

Divorce and Division of Property:
Megan will explain the entire process to you, step by step.  Divorce is emotional and stressful enough.  Let Megan provide the knowledge and support you need to make decisions regarding all aspects of divorce, including the division of marital property and debt.

Child Custody:
Custody is undoubtedly the most difficult, emotional and stressful aspect to any family law proceeding.  Megan has fought hard for her clients to protect their children.

Child Support, Spousal Support and Alimony:
Megan possesses valuable experience regarding the issues of both paying and receiving child support, spousal support and alimony, whether establishing a court ordered support obligation or modifying an existing one.

Megan has extensive experience in both contested and uncontested adoptions, whether it is through a step-parent or private placement.

Estate planning:
Megan will assist you in making decisions that will help protect your family, both personally and with regard to your assets.   Megan will help you plan for the future, and advise and prepare valuable legally enforceable documents such as:

  • Wills express your wishes so there is no dispute between family members upon your death;
  • Powers of attorney allow you to appoint who will handle your financial, medical and/or personal affairs if you become unable to do so because of illness or incapacity;
  • Living wills and health care directives allow you to make important medical decisions, such as life support, to lessen the burden on your loved ones;
  • Guardianships can protect your children, parents and other loved ones in the event of an incapacity or illness.

Estate Administration and Probate:
The death of a family member or loved one can be traumatic.  On top of the grief, the administration of an estate can be confusing, stressful, and burdensome.  Megan has experience in

  • Probating the will or estate of a person who has passed away, whether they died with or without a will.
  • Preparing and filing all of the required documents and publications to satisfy the law.
  • Preparing the inheritance tax return to protect as much of the estate assets as possible.